Bane the Siberian Husky

Meet Georgia and Bane the Siberian Husky, aged 4 years

About the breed?

The Siberian Husky was originally bred as the winter sled dog of the Chuckchi people of Siberia and today are used for sled dog racing, companionship and showing. They are a medium-sized dog with great power, speed and endurance. They can come in all colours and markings, including white, and is a very healthy breed with few breed specific problem, but they do not have a high tolerance for heat so this must be taken into account in the warmer months.

Why did you choose this breed?

I have always wanted a Husky. In particular I thought he would suit my active lifestyle.

Is his personality/behaviour typical of this breed?

He is in a lot of ways a typical Husky, independent (not a cuddly dog), not particularly toy motivated, can be very inquisitive (particularly as a puppy which would often get him into some sort of trouble), stubborn, gentle and friendly. Unlike most huskies he is food motivated and quite laid back.

Any Tips for someone considering getting this breed?

Huskies are not typically for first time dog owners. If you are a first time owner make sure you do extensive research.

They need a lot of exercise, not only physical, but mental as well.

Training and good leadership is a must.

Huskies can be very fussy when it comes to food. In saying that they are also easily overfed, considering the work they were bred to do versus the amount of exercise your average husky may receive, they do not need as much food as you may think.

My husky gets along really well with my 7yr old cousin, they can be an okay dog for families as long as children are properly educated about how to interact appropriately with dogs and supervised at all times when together.

Probably the most important thing to make sure of when considering a husky is whether you are able to husky-proof your backyard?  You should do everything you can to ensure it is escape proof, and also be willing to have them inside as they do love the company.

You only have to do a quick search to find photos of huskies climbing over 6 foot fences or digging under them.

In regards to this, it is also important to make sure there will be plenty of things for your dog to do when your not home such as leaving them with an interactive toy stuffed with their meal or treats, or having a sandpit to dig in and hide treats is also good entertainment.

As independent a dog they are, they are not a dog that can just be left alone in the backyard (they are known for being destructive).  They might not come to you for cuddles but they do like to be inside with you.
You also need a good vacuum cleaner for their excessive shedding and to be committing brushing them a few times a week.

How interested/good at training or obedience?

In general huskies are not known for being good or particularly interested in training. However since Bane is food motivated he is keen to do whatever he can to get that reward

Any tricks, skills or community work?

Bane loves to swim and will be having a go at dock jumping in the future.
He has also tried out dry land mushing, but is yet to compete.
He is working on some tricks at the moment such as beg, spin, crawl and roll over.
Banes contribution to the community is the pats he lets people give him when he is out and about!!

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