Meet 14 YO Labrador Retriever Yogi Bear

Labrador Retriever Yogi Bear

Meet the Labrador retriever Yogi Bear , aged 14 years who lives with his owners Carlyie, Jayden and Blake Clegg.

About the breed?

Yogi is a Labrador retriever. He in fact is a Dudley Labrador, which means he is gold in colour with a brown nose and the light eyes like a chocolate Labrador. When you see him in the dark you can find him by his glowing eyes just like cats eyes.

Why did you choose this breed?

According to dog mum Carlyie “I liked Labradors for years and Yogi is just gorgeous. They have such a warm nature and are great family dog my boys just love him. They love the water and beach as well, living in a beach location Yogi has loved the water since he was a puppy and still swims as well now at a older age.”

Is his personality/behaviour typical of this breed?

Yogi is not big on cuddles, only sometimes.  He can also be naughty and likes to be destructive at times, even at the age of 14.  They certainly seem to stay like a puppy for a long time!

Any Tips for someone considering getting this breed?

A very strict diet from a young age is important for the Labrador retriever breed. They can be prone to weight gain due to their love of food but too much weight will put strain on their legs, which are commonly known to be an issue with this breed.  Labradors eat anything and will keep eating as they don’t seem to get full.

Editor’s Note: Researchers studying 310 Labradors retrievers found that many of them were missing all or part of a gene known as POMC, which is known to regulate appetite in some species and to help sense how much fat the body has stored.  This is noted as one of the possible causes for the Labrador’s tendency for weight gain and obesity.

How interested/good at training or obedience?

You need to stick with the training in order for it to work. If you do, they are great learners and don’t forget what you teach them.

Any tricks, skills or community work?

He can catch food thrown through the air. As well as tennis balls. He is a great swimmer, even at his age now.

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