Meet Maddy the 9 year old Boxer dog

Meet Maddy the Boxer Dog

Meet Maddy the Boxer, aged 9 years who lives with her owner Jenny Vulcan, Founder of ‘Paws Connect’ Pet Wellbeing Centre in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

About the breed

Boxers originated in Germany in the 19th century as a working dog. They are a short haired, medium sized dog with a squashed nose. Typical colours are fawn (like Maddy) and brindle with patches of white or white with patches of fawn or brindle. Boxers colloquially known as ‘the clowns of the dog world’.

Why did you choose this breed?

One day whilst walking along the beach a Boxer puppy ran up to me and it was love at first sight. They say, ‘once a Boxer owner always a Boxer owner’. I’m true to this saying having owned four Boxers over the past 19 years, at most times there is always two in our home.

Is her personality/behaviour typical of this breed?

Boxers are described as intelligent, devoted, cheerful, energetic, confident, playful, friendly dogs. They are all of these traits and more… when you think Boxer, think clown, they seem to think they exist to make you laugh! Each of mine have had their own antics, no one Boxer is the same as another, which is part of the fun.

Any Tips for someone considering getting this breed?

When you do your research about a Boxer it tells you they have a high tendency to drool (not always true) and high attention needs (always true). As any Boxer owner will tell you when things go quiet it’s time to investigate, as left alone they are notorious for finding trouble! Favourite ‘toys’ to eat include TV remotes, sunglasses and shoes. Leave them at Boxer height at your own peril.

The research also says tendency to snore is moderate (I would personally rate this as high!) and tendency to bark and dig as low. All of mine at times have barked but this is usually to warn you of potential dangers, and all have tried to dig to China, this is mainly when they are bored. Boxers are best in a home where they have company (that’s why I have two most of the time) and the opportunity to do a ‘zoomie’ (fast run around in a circuit) once or twice a day.

How interested/good at training or obedience?

My belief is that training and obedience is more about the pet owners than the breed. They will challenge you and are very quick to find ways to get around any barriers put in place. Boxers benefit from clear boundaries and consistency like any other breed.

Any tricks, skills or community work?

Boxers are more about natural entertainment as they get bored very quickly with repetitive tricks. They seem to find the most interesting positions to sleep in – upside down or contorted or both! They are very good at picking up on emotional clues and will readily snuggle next to someone who needs some emotional reassurance. I owe my life to my first Boxer who snapped at a mole on my foot that ended up being a melanoma. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have gone to get it checked and caught it at an early stage.

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