Just like us humans, mature dogs have specific nutritional needs that change as they age. Many people don’t realise that our canine buddies generally reach the mature life stage at 7 years of age (for small and medium dogs) or 5 years of age (for larger dogs). As a dog spends most of their life in the mature adult life stage, it is important that ageing dogs receive the necessary nutrients for maintenance and support.

Glow Mature Australian Chicken is exclusively sold at PETstock and provides a complete balanced diet for mature dogs aged 7 years +. The diet has 16% protein and 8 % fat to manage weight and kidney function and is full of the vitamins and minerals required to maintain cognitive function and support joint and bone health.

Key ingredients to include in a mature dogs diet

When selecting a diet to feed your dog it’s important to pay close attention to the ingredient list, making sure it provides the right nutrition for the mature life stage. Glucosamine and chondroitin are added to the Glow Mature Australian Chicken diet to promote muscle and joint health, improve mobility and assist in reducing pain from joint inflammation. The diet which is reduced in calorie, fat and protein supports healthy kidneys and weight maintenance, whilst ingredients high in fiber such as beet pulp, chicory, lupins and beans keep mature dogs’ fuller for longer.

The essential omega 3 fatty acid DHA is added to maintain cognitive function in mature dogs. Our DHA is unique in that it is derived from dried algae which is a more sustainable source of DHA than processing fish for oil as per traditional methods.

Superfoods such as chia seeds have been added which are high in essential amino acids for muscle and cell growth, development and repair. They are also high in anti-inflammatory properties and assist in maintaining cognitive function.

Glow recipes are crafted from natural ingredients with a strong focus on sustainability. With at least 93% of ingredients sourced from Australia, Glow focuses on the use of novel ingredients, novel proteins, vegetables and ancient grains with high nutritional value.

Additional tips for caring for a mature dog

• To help ensure you keep your aging dog at a healthy weight, make sure not to overfeed them.

• Think about reducing treats as well and ensure they get appropriate levels of exercise.

• If they sleep on the floor usually, it could be time to introduce a bed or mattress to help reduce pain in their joints.

• Remember, if you are changing your dog’s diet, you should transition it over 7 days by mixing with their old food to avoid them getting an upset stomach.

For further information about Glow pet food visit www.glowpetfood.com.au or order online through www.petstock.com.au

About the Author: Michael Perna has worked in the pet food industry for over 13 years and is the General Manager of Marketing and Customer Engagement with PETstock.