Why regular dog grooming is important

Keeping your dog well groomed is not just for cosmetic purposes.  It’s not only about making your pup look cute and cuddly, it’s also very important for their health.

Severely matted coats can be extremely painful for your dog, similar to a human wearing a jumper two sizes too small, causing pinching and bruising each time the dog moves.  Matted coats can also cause bacterial infections because they tend to trap moisture in their coats, damaging their already sensitive skin.

How early should I start getting my dog groomed?

Get your puppy familiarised with grooming at a very young age – ideally just after they have completed all their immunisations.

You should be playing with their paws and getting them used to a brush or comb even before they get their first professional groom.

The longer you wait to get them groomed the longer it takes for your puppy to enjoy the experience.  However it’s never too late, qualified and experienced groomers like the Blue Wheelers fully trained groomers will ensure your fur baby enjoys their grooming sessions.

Between grooms

Regularly brush your dog, this will help their coat to be smooth and remove dead hair. It will also promote natural oils in the dog’s fur and is a lovely bonding exercise for you both. Always allow your dog to smell and see the brush or comb first and ensure you brush your dog at a relaxed time.  Making an energetic dog sit to be brushed is probably not ideal!

Also, never overdo it, brush-burns happen when you brush your dogs for an extended period and can cause skin irritation and an unhappy pup.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

Every dog breed is different and therefore has different dog grooming needs. It’s best to talk to your local groomer about what is generally best for your dog breed and work out a grooming schedule to suit you and your dog.

Check out the Blue Wheelers guide to grooming requirements for different breeds here (click through to article about dog breed grooming article supplied)

Every dog owner should commit to regular grooming

Having a dog as part of your family is a lifetime commitment; being a responsible dog parent requires a health care regime for your dog and this should always include some regular grooming by a professional groomer.  This, combined with your own grooming routine in between at home, can help to keep a dog with longer hair from getting too matted, or nails growing too long so that they don’t become painful for your dog or make it difficult for the groomer to cut without hitting their nerve.

For Blue Wheelers, grooming is not about making your dog look like a lion, fashioning a round or square head.  For us it’s all about making them feel happy and helping them to live a happy and healthy life.

It breaks our heart when we see neglected dogs in miserable conditions because their owners have allowed their hair and nails to get to such a state they are causing the dog pain and make it extremely difficult for the groomer to address.   Dogs provide us with their unconditional love, so doesn’t your best friend deserves the best care in return?

To find out what can happen when you don’t groom your dog regularly click here or to contact your local Blue Wheelers mobile dog groomer click here.

About the Author:  Ran Rodrigo is the Blue Wheelers mobile dog grooming resident blogger. She is also the proud pet parent of three very naughty but lovely rescue dogs named Teddy, Mishka and Lexa.

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