Here comes our pet-friendly travel special

pet-friendly travel special

What a whirl wind month it has been for us here at Pooches HQ as we began filming our pet-friendly travel special for Series 4 of Pooches at Play.

Yes you read that correctly…we’re up to filming our fourth series! Darcy and I can hardly believe that it was just two years ago we began filming the first series.

Whilst we will bring you our usual dog behaviour, training and pet health and nutrition advice, in this series we have a few new exciting changes.

Firstly, I have a new co-host with Morgan Burrett joining in the hosting duties with Darcy and me.  Morgan has hosted over 60 x 1 hour episodes of The Travel Bug which airs in over 100 countries and 20 airlines so he is well placed to be part of this pet-friendly travel special.

That’s the other new exciting development.  We’re expanding on our pet-friendly travel segments by heading off on a caravanning adventure to a range of popular tourist destinations across Australia.  On our journey we’ve been meeting the locals to share their heart warming stories and show the important role pets play in our lives and getting their tips on the fun things to do and see with your dog.

We’re half way through our filming and Darcy and I are on our way back to Melbourne as I write this (well…we have stopped over for the night so I’m not actually writing and driving!) as we’ll be MC’ing the Adoption Zone stage at this year’s Melbourne Dog Lovers Show which starts this Friday.

If you are in Melbourne over the weekend please do come check out the show and visit us upstairs.   If you’re considering a new dog and want to know more about pet adoption, I’ll be providing some tips for choosing the right dog, whilst we’ll also hear from many of the dog rescue groups that will be attending.

The Adoption Zone is sponsored by PETstock Assist, PETstock’s own charity foundation that has raised over $2.4 million dollars to help people and pets in need so make sure you pop over to their stand at Dog Lovers Show, sign up to their Member Rewards program and you will receive a token.  You can then bring this token upstairs and put it in the marked donation boxes – every token = $1 for the nominated charity with a total of $7000 to be donated.

If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets to the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show make sure you book them online here. 

If you do come along then of course make sure you come up and say ‘hi’ to Darcy and me!  And, please mark 2pm July 20th 2019 in your diary so you can tune in to check out our absolutely  fun-tastic pet friendly travel special!!    In the meantime, you can find some pet-friendly places to stay and tips in our Weekend Escapes section of the website.

Lara & Darcy


About the Author: Lara Shannon is co-Host of Pooches at Play and has completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation. Lara also runs her own dog training, minding and walking business in Melbourne’s Bayside area.

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