Recognising the support dogs provide to people with cancer

people with cancer

On Sunday the Pooches at Play team took part in the Cancer Council Victoria’s  ‘Bark For Life’ event which celebrates and honours the support that dogs provide to people going through a cancer experience.

From their unconditional love, support and ability to know when we are feeling sad, to sniffing out cancer and other illnesses in humans, dogs play a vital role in keeping us healthy and happy.  In times of ill-health, this is more important than ever.

Research shows that not only do dogs provide companionship for those with cancer, but they can also lower their owner’s blood pressure, decrease stress and anxiety, increase their activity and act as a social magnet – all of which can aid in cancer treatment and recovery.  There are also many positive mental health benefits of owning a dog,  which also plays a vital role in the recovery of  illness.

More than 134,000 Australians are diagnosed with cancer every year and 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.

When you consider that one third of all cancers can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices, including being physically active, getting out and about with your pooch on a daily basis is not only good for them, but clearly will do wonders for your own health as well.   If you want to step it up a bit more than your daily walk, check out this quick fitness routine to do with your dog next time you’re out at the park.

All funds raised through the Bark for Life event contribute to Cancer Council Victoria’s work in cancer research, prevention and support services.   Thank you to those of you who joined our team or who have made a donation already, we appreciate your show of support.

There is still time to donate to this great cause and help us to reach our fundraising goal.  Simply click here for the Pooches at Play team  page.

Lara & Darcy x

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