Getting a puppy for Christmas?

puppy on your christmas list

Are you getting a puppy for Christmas or planning on buying one for a loved one?

No doubt there is much excitement if so and hopefully you have done A LOT of research before making this decision because, as any dog owner will attest to, owning a dog is a long term commitment that requires a lot of patience, love, care, money and some lifestyle changes – tenfold when it is a puppy.

Hopefully you have also done your research on where your puppy is coming from so that you are not inadvertently supporting backyard puppy farms or breeders that are not doing the right thing (ie: buying a puppy on Gumtree or E-bay is not the way to do it…) and that you have checked as best you can that the person you are buying the dog for is willing and able to take care of it long term.

Especially when you consider the  annual average spend on a dog is $1,475 comprising of:

  • Food: $622
  • Vet care: $397
  • Health products: $248
  • Grooming: $129
  • Boarding: $86

Sadly such costs and commitment can mean that many pets are abandoned or relinquished to shelters over the Christmas New Year period.

According to RSPCA figures from 2010, over 3 pets are abandoned every hour over Christmas…this figure is  probably higher now and this is a combination of people not being prepared or wanting to bother paying or finding someone to take care of their pet whilst they head off on holidays, and an increase in pets being given as Christmas gifts to people who don’t really want them or are prepared for the long haul.

However, because you are on this website and are no doubt here to find out all that you can about taking good care of your pooch, I hope that the new furry family member brings you and your family much joy and happiness.

To help, we’ve added a couple of puppy specific videos to our home page, but there are plenty more articles to help you prepare for your puppy, from socialisation tips to crate training and even puppy proofing your home.  Getting Pet Insurance is also an important step to take as soon as possible as accidents can happen at any time, particularly when New Year celebrations and fireworks get started.   It will help provide some peace of mind as well!

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and Happy Christmas!

Lara &  Darcy x


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