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Sourcing travel-friendly food for your dog with the right nutrients and benefits is very important and keeping up a raw food diet whilst on the road can be difficult. However, Big Dog Pet Foods has solved that problem for you with their new freeze-dried, ‘Little Bites’.

Lara Shannon catches up with Chris Essex, CEO of Big Dog Pet Food about these delicious treats. They have all the same nutrients as Big Dog’s other types of pet food but they’re freeze-dried, meaning you don’t need to reserve fridge space for them.

Available in 2 flavours, these Freeze Dried Little Bites are naturally complete and balanced so can be used as the primary source of your pet’s nutrition while travelling for convenience, or integrated into their everyday diet as healthy treats and toppers.

Some of the ways to integrate Big Dog Freeze Dried Little Bites into your dogs’ diet are as healthy training treats, meal toppers, great for smaller eaters, use with mental stimulation toys and some slow feeding devices as well as for healthy gap feeding.

Although sometimes, it may seem easier to just change your dog’s diet whilst travelling, it’s really best not to because a change in diet can really affect your dog’s health and behaviour. Maintaining a raw food diet is a great way to ensure your dog is keeping a stable weight, getting the right nutrients to have healthy teeth, gums and breath, a shiny coat, a strong immune system and good digestion. Keeping their diet strong like this will help keep them healthy on the road so you can relax and truly enjoy your holiday (the only thing you’ll have to worry about is your diet!).

Finding travel-friendly food for your dog just got so much easier with ‘Little Bites’, shop here.

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