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Top Tips to keep dogs cool and safe in Summer

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Summer’s here and there are some hot days ahead!  Given our dogs and other pets often spend a lot of time outdoors and can be affected by the heat a lot quicker than we are, please take a read of our Top Tips to keep dogs cool in summer.

With Christmas coming up as well, it’s also the perfect time to stock up on some summer toys and cooling products from our friends at PETstock.  We’ve picked a few that we think will help, so after reading our tips, check out the summer product essentials further below.

Top Tips to keep your dogs cool and safe this Summer:

  • Heatstroke is a major threat to our pets when the hot weather hits and can lead to multiple organ dysfunction. Unlike us humans, dogs can’t sweat to cool themselves. If your dog is showing signs of heat stress, such excessive panting, reddened gums, bloodshot eyes, rapid breathing, drooling, wheezing, vomiting, weakness or staggering, you need to get their temperature down immediately by moving them to a cooler environment and hose/wet them down with tap water (not iced) until their breathing settles down. Offer them some room temperature water and if they are still not looking well, get them to a Vet as soon as possible.
  • It’s really important to be mindful not to take your dog out for a walk when it is too hot as this puts them at risk of heat stroke.  Avoid having them run around in the sun and don’t take them out for too long.
  • A dog’s paw pad is also very sensitive and can burn easily, sometimes causing some irreparable damage.  A good way to check if the ground is too hot for their paws is to see if you are able to comfortably leave your hands on the road or footpath for 5 seconds without it feeling hot.  If you can’t walk on it in bare feet comfortably, your dog definitely can’t, as their paws are even more sensitive.
  • Dogs with bare bellies or white coats should avoid laying in the sun as they can quickly get sunburnt and, just like us humans, dogs can benefit from a bit of sunscreen – pet friendly sunscreen of course!
  • To keep dogs safe from snake bites during warm weather, avoid long grass, rocks and other areas snakes like to rest when you are out on a walk.  Find out more about snake bite symptoms and how to avoid snakes here.
  • If you live in a bushfire prone zone make sure you include your pets in the family bushfire survival and evacuation plan. During high bushfire threats make sure you have their leads, crates, food and water bowls ready to take, keep them close and in the house with you.

There are also many products to help keep your dog’s temperature down in the heats, so here’s just a couple of suggestions from our friends at PETstock.

Buddy & Belle Cooling Mat | $24.99 (small: 50x40cm) – $49.99 (large: 90x50cm)
The Buddy & Belle Cooling Mat is an easy way to keep your pet cool during the warm weather. Featuring a non-toxic gel inner, the mat stays cooler than room temperature without refrigeration. The mat can also be put in the freezer for additional coolness and can be used by itself or inside standard pet beds and carriers.


Bark-A-Boo Hydro Toy range | $11.99 (15-18cm range) – $19.99 (21-44cm)
Water resistant and quick drying, your pooch will love taking these Bark-A-Boo Hydro Toys to the beach, pool or even playing out of the water. Complete with a playful squeaker this range is the perfect toy for summer. The collection includes a fun and bright range of shapes and sizes including an orange puffer fish, blue whale, green octopus and even a penguin.

There’s plenty of others as well, so pop into your local PETstock store to talk to a staff member about your pet’s needs.
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