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In this episode of Pooches at Play we check out how owners are inadvertently reinforcing bad behaviour in their dogs, how to use the Rufus & Coco Grooming Tools, learn about canine cancer, Dog Photography Tips from Puppy Tales, dog friendly holidays, and how to stop your dog from eating too fast!

Inadvertent reinforcement of bad behaviour in dogs


In this segment, chief dog trainer Trish Harris from Four Paws K9 dog training / NDTF talks to Pooches at Play Host Lara Shannon about how many owners inadvertently reinforce bad behaviour in their dogs without even realising it.

Rufus & Coco Grooming Tools for Dogs

In this episode Host Gyton Grantley talks to Anneke from Rufus & Coco about some of their great Grooming Tools to keep your dog feeling and looking pawsome!

Canine Cancer

Learn about canine cancer with Dr Melissa Meehan on Episode 1 of Pooches at Play Series One. The symptoms, when to visit your vet and the importance of pet insurance to help ensure you’re adequately covered in a time of need.

Dog Photography Tips

In this segment of Pooches at Play on Episode 1 Series 1 Pet Photographer of the Year Kerry Martin from Puppy Tales Photography talks with Pooches at Play Host Gyton Grantley and provides tips on how to take the best photo of your dog!

Becoming a Blue Wheelers Franchisee

In this segment, Pooches at Play co-host Lara Shannon finds out about what it’s like to work with dogs all day by becoming a Blue Wheeler’s franchisee.

Meet Social Media Sensation @LittleJerryBoy

In our Social Media Sensations interview series we meet proud owner Georgia and her Instagram famous pooch @LittleJerryBoy.

Pet Friendly Travel Tips & Accommodation

In our Weekend Escapes segment sponsored by TakeYourPet.com.au we provide pet friendly travel tips and some great dog friendly accommodation across Australia.

How to slow down dogs that eat too fast

In this episode, Host Lara Shannon talks with Dr Robert Holmes about dogs that eat too fast and how to slow them down with the Aussie Dog Products slow release food and treat toys.