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The fun continues on Pooches at Play as we bring you loads of great tips to make life with your pooch even more enjoyable! We look at training equipment that can assist with dogs that pull on the lead and those to avoid, how to give your dog a Water Free Wash, the common injuries and causes of dogs involved in road accidents, we check out some pet friendly holiday options and how to keep your dog safe when travelling in the car, as well as the causes and some solutions for destructive chewing in dogs.

Destructive chewing & how interactive toys can help


Lara talks with Dr Robert Holmes about the issue of destructive chewing – why puppies and adult dogs chew things and how Aussie Dog interactive toys can help, as well as other useful tips.

Petsafe Automatic Ball Thrower


Lara shows you how the Petsafe Automatic ball thrower can help keep your dog entertained and exercised.

Clicker Training Tip


Lara demonstrates how clicker training can help teach dogs how to use the Petsafe Automatic Ball Thrower and other benefits of clicker training.

How to keep your dog safe from road accidents & injuries


Dr Melissa Meehan discusses how dogs commonly end up in road accidents, the main injuries they receive and tips for keeping them safe during thunderstorms, fireworks and other event triggers.

Meet Leonardo the Spoodle


Gyton meets Leonardo the Spoole and his owner Karen and finds out about Leonardo’s pawsome community work.

Collars & harnesses for dogs that pull

Training your dog not to pull on the lead can take a while, so Lara Shannon and Trish Harris from NDTF / Four Paws K9 Dog Training discuss the different harnesses and collars on the market that may assist or worsen the problem.

A water free wash for dogs that hate water


Gyton talks to Anneke from Rufus & Coco about dogs that hate water and how to keep them clean without water, and the importance of ear cleaning care for long-eared dogs.

Car safety tips for dogs & pet friendly holiday destinations


With over 5000 dogs injured in motor vehicle accidents each year, Lara Shannon provides some top tips for travelling with your dog, and we find some great pet-friendly destinations for you to stay at with your dog on holidays.

Meet French Poodles Bondi & Bronte & @therealkrissymarsh


Lara meets Krissy Marsh from The Real Housewives of Sydney and her shanghai born French Poodles Bondi & Bronte to get a glimpse into their glamorous life.