EP I S O D E   FOUR  |  I N  F U L L


In this week’s episode Lara discussed how useful crate training your dog can be (and Darcy gets himself crate trained..sort of!), Gyton finds out about the products that can help treat dogs with sensitive skin, Dr Melissa Meehan talks about the risks to dogs that like to chew and swallow things, we discuss raw food diets in more detail, provide some coastal safety tips and great pet friendly accommodation and meet instapooch and actress @midge_the_dog. We also check out the great Aussie Dog products that can help keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated if they are left alone all day.

Aussie Dog interactive toys for home alone dogs

Lara and Dr Robert Holmes discuss the Aussie Dog Home Alone interactive toy range and how it can help provide the mental and physical stimulation that a dog needs each day.

The risks for dogs that chew & swallow items

Dr Melissa Meehan discusses the injuries and procedures required for treating dogs that like to chew and swallow items around the home with Specialist Surgeon, Dr Chris Preston and what and when pet insurance covers the required surgery to remove foreign objects.

The evolutionary dog diet

Lara talks with Chris Essex from Big Dog Pet Foods about why he believes raw food follows a dog’s evolutionary diet.

Why and how to crate train your dog

Lara and Trish Harris from the NDTF / Four Paws K9 training discuss the benefits of crate training a dog, with cheeky Darcy showing us how it is done.

Dogs with sensitive skin issues and products to assist

Gyton chats with Anneke from Rufus & Coco about sensitive skin in dogs, common causes and breeds prone to sensitive skin, and how their shampoos and other products can assist in relieving itching.

Pet friendly travel and coastal safety tips for your dog

Gyton provides some top tips for keeping your dog safe when talking a coastal break and other water safety tips. He also checks out some great pet friendly accommodation in Australia.

Meet @midge_the_dog

Gyton meets Instapooch @Midge_the_dog and her owner Amber to find out what life is like as a social media sensation. Midge is not only a social star but she also performs in theatre productions and works in the community as well visiting the elderly in nursing homes. Aww, what a cutie!