In Episode 6 of Series One Lara finds out what it takes to train a drug detector dog, Gyton finds out how to keep your pooch flea free naturally.

The role of food & supplements for older dog wellbeing

Lara and Chris Essex from Big Dog Pet Foods talk about the supplements and food that can assist the wellbeing of our dogs in older age. From anti-inflammatory tumeric to omega 3’s, ensuring our dogs get the right nutrition in their diet can also help with weight control.

First Aid Tips for Common Dog Injuries

Dr Melissa Meehan provides some first aid tips for when some common accidents around the home happen, and also discusses some of they key reasons dogs sustain accidental injuries.

Training of Australian Drug Detector Dogs

Lara chats with Kris Kotsopolous from the NDTF / Detector Dogs Australia about the training of a drug detector dog. We meet ‘Whacko’ who was rescued from the pound and within 6 months has become a working detector dog.

How instinct & behaviour affects how dogs play

Lara and Dr Robert Holmes discuss whether instinct plays a role in a dog’s behaviour and how to fulfill a dog’s instinctual needs through play and interactive toys.

The benefits of becoming a dog walker

Gyton Grantley chats with dog walker Chloe Rimmington about her experience of registering with the pet sitting and dog walking website Pawshake, and how it provides a great way to earn extra income whilst hanging out with dogs all day!

How to keep your dog flea free naturally

Gyton Grantley talks to Anneke van den Broeke from Rufus & Coco about the flea life cycle and how to keep your dog flea free with natural alternatives.

Dog friendly caravanning & places to stay

Lara and Gyton check out the dog friendly features of a New Age Caravan and we find out about some great pet friendly places to stay around Australia with TakeYourPet.com.au

Meet Mia the Moodle

Lara meets radio personality Mel Greig and her adorable Moodle (Maltese X Toy Poodle for those of you wondering…) who shows us her groovy dance moves!

Meet Instapooch @SpencerTheChow

Gyton Grantley meets the adorable instagram star @SpencerTheChow and his owner Cameron to find out what life is like as a famous social pooch. Spencer even has his own sock grange featuring his gorgeous face and mane of hair!