In Episode 7 of Lara finds out the importance of family interaction for outdoor dogs and runs through some basic obedience training exercises including the Sit, Recall and Yuck! Gyton finds out why dogs get tear stains and how to fix them, and checks out some pet-friendly accommodation options for his next family holiday…plus so much more!

The importance of family interaction for outdoor dogs

In this segment Lara and Dr Robert Holmes discuss why most dogs don’t do well living exclusively outdoors away from their family, and why it is so importance that family members spend time each playing with their dog in the backyard to help keep problem behaviours at bay.

Meet Lily the Pugalier

Meet Lily the pugalier and her owner Jonathon ‘JMo’ Moran. Jonathon is the Confidential On Nova national radio host and reporter with Sydney Confidential and tells us about life with Lily.

Dog Obedience Training – Sit, Recall, Yuck!

In this segment Lara and dog trainer Trish Harris run through basic dog obedience exercises including Sit, Recall and Yuck training and discuss why they are so important for the safety of your dog.

Benefits of using a dog sitter when going away

In this segment Lara meets Sarah Essex and her adorable Chihuahua Chi Chi to find out about their experience of using the pet sitting service Pawshake.com.au for Chi Chi when she goes away, and the processes involved to ensure you and your pooch find the right sitter.

The HIF Dog ‘n’ Health Games

In this segment, Lara visits the HIF Dog ‘n’ Health games in Perth that help support and promote dog rescue and adoption, raising funds and awareness for the Dog’s Refuge Home WA, and finds out how dogs help keep us healthy and happy.

How to fix dogs with tear stains

In this episode Gyton Grantley chats to Anneke from Rufus & Coco about why dogs get tear stains and red marks on their eyes, mouth and paws. The causes for this and what can be done to help.

Find pet friendly accommodation with Take Your Pet

Finding pet friendly accommodation and things to do has never been easier with TakeYourPet.com.au so in this episode Lara shows Gyton just how easy it is to book a holiday for you and your dog across Australia.