In this episode we discuss what to do when issues start in multiple dog households, we find out about the mental health benefits dogs can provide, how food can help sensitive skin and allergy issues. We find out about how dogs play and meet social media sensation @AdelaideFrenchBulldog.

Interactive toys that dogs love

Lara talks with Joe Parsons the Founder of Aussie Dog Products about how dogs respond to colour, movement, sound and more, and the important role that interactive toys can play to help keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated.

Food for dogs with allergies

Lara chats with Chris Essex from Big Dog Pet Foods about why and how food can cause sensitive skin and other allergies in dogs, what ingredients to avoid and what to look for to help. He discusses the role of a raw food diet in helping dogs with allergies.

The mental health benefits of owning a dog

Lara finds out why owning a dog provides us with a range of mental and physical health benefits. She talks with Michelle Goff from mental health charity, Livin and Kate from Kalmpets in WA as part of the HIF health and pet insurance series.

Dealing with multiple dog households

In this segment Lara and Trish talk about managing multiple dog households and how to deal with issues such as resource guarding and jealousy to ensure a happy household for dogs and owners.

Benefits of becoming a pet sitter

Lara talks with Claudia who is registered with the house and pet minding service Pawshake.com.au about the benefits of becoming a pet sitter.

A natural solution to clean up dog wee

Gyton Grantley chats to Anneke van den Broek from Rufus & Coco about their natural ‘Wee Away’ product to help get rid of urine smells around the home, and why many common cleaning products actually make the problem worse!

Meet Adelaide the French Bulldog

This week’s featured Social Media Sensation is Adelaide the French Bulldog who is a bonafide instapooch with over 35,000 follower on Instagram. Gyton Grantley finds out what life is like for this famous pooch and her dad Diego. Check Adelaide out at @adelaidefrenchbulldog on instagram!

How to find pet-friendly accommodation

In this segment Lara and Gyton check out how to search the range of pet-friendly options on TakeYourPet.com.au and find heaps of dog friendly accommodation, pet-friendly cafes, beaches, dog parks and much more.