How to take better photos of your dog

You only have to scroll through instagram to see there’s literally thousands of accounts there dedicated to our furry best friends. When it comes to attracting attention and followers the photos and videos count, so here’s some tips on how to take better photos of your dog.

And while these tips will be great for taking their Instagram photos (and maybe future stardom)…. they will, more importantly, give you amazing photos of your gorgeous canine kid – photos you’ll treasure now and always.

Tip 1 – Take photos at their eye level

See the world through their eyes by bringing your camera down to the dog’s eye level. This will help you create more intimate feeling photos and, often, more fun, quirky angles. The look in your dog’s eyes while they race about is going to be perfectly captured from that level rather than from above—our usual perspective.

Tip 2 – Capture their Attention

In order to capture photographs of your dog looking at the camera, you need their undivided attention, even if only for the click of the shutter.

Does your dog respond to noise? What are their favourite toys? Is your dog motivated by food?

Know what they love and use it to help grab their attention, allowing you to take photos that have direct eye contact.

Tip 3 – Keep a Camera close at Hand

It doesn’t matter what the camera is – having it within quick reach can be the difference between capturing a moment and missing it. And it’s always going to be better to have that memory as a photograph than not (even if it’s not a perfectly captured one with a “big camera”!). Thanks to the convenient cameras building our mobile devices it’s never been easier to capture all those precious doggie moments!

Tip 4 – Get Closer

Move in closer so that the dog fills more of the frame. Doing this will mean our dog is the only subject in our photo and there’s nothing else there to distract our attention. It also means that we’re able to see those special details that make them adorable and special – their long eyelashes, the way their hair curls when it’s damp or the twinkle in their eye just before you throw their favourite toy.

Tip 5 – Make it Fun!

It should always be fun for you and for your dog. Do something new or crazy if it makes you laugh or your dog respond in a fun way. Go somewhere new and explore it together. The more fun taking photos is, the more joy will shine through in your dog’s expression and in your photographs.

Now you know how to take better photos of your dog you can make your furry friend shine!

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How to take better photos of your dog tips and photos courtesy of Kerry Martin from Puppy Tales Photography


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