In an ideal world, we would all perfectly behaved dogs that never pull on their lead and walk quietly and calmly next to us at a nice steady pace, simply wearing a good quality collar and lead.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to spend the time may be required to train particularly rambunctious or extra strong dogs from pulling them along during their exciting outdoor adventures.

Whilst I would strongly recommended you do invest the time using positive reinforcement to train your dog to loose lead walk without pulling, or enlist the support of an experienced dog trainer to help you with this, the reality is for some people using a comfortable and appropriate harness fits best with their lifestyle and needs.

In Episode 3 of Pooches at Play Series One we discuss the different types of collars and leads that are on the market to help with dogs that pull, and recommendations for the various uses and applications of each.

For now, let’s take a look at the EzyDog range of dog harness that aim to help you from being dragged along by your pooch, and keep them as comfortable as possible at the same time if they do tend to pull.

Here’s some of the key features of the EzyDog harnesses:

FIRM BUT COMFORTABLE FIT – EzyDog design their harnesses so they can be selected as a good match for dogs of all sizes, from large to small, and fit them so they aren’t too tight around the dog’s chest, or slip off alongside of a busy road. (Trust me, it is amazing how easily some dogs can slip out of a badly designed cheap harness from the variety store1). Plus unlike some harnesses and collars on the market, if you select the right size and fit it properly, they won’t hurt their arm sockets or their throat when they pull.

SIMPLE – Walking other people’s dogs as part of my job means I have pretty much come across all sorts of types of harnesses, and even to this day some still have me scratching my head at times to figure out how they would even work EzyDog harnesses are designed with simplicity in mind, so that you won’t struggle with a wriggling dog for 15 minutes before heading out on a short walk around the neighborhood.

ADJUSTABLE – As we all know, our dogs can drop or go up a harness size depending on how long their hair is, if they’ve just had a date with the groomer…or if they’ve managed to win family members over with their puppy eyes at the dinner table and happen to have gotten a little tubby of late. The good thing is the EzyDog safety restraints are fully adjustable and can be worn by pooches of all sizes – and are easy to adjust which also helps when you’re in a hurry!

COLOURFUL – Doggy couture is becoming a big business these days, so the EzyDog harnesses come in some bright, cool colours whilst maintaining their safety as well.

EzyDog, have a variety of harnesses that may be able to match your individual lifestyle needs and can also be partnered with their Seat Belt Restraint or CLICK Adjustable Car Restrained for a functional dog car harness. However, for added protection for your pooch whilst driving they have the crash tested DRIVE Car Harness that you can read about here and also see in Episode 3 of Pooches at Play Series One.

Check out the range of EzyDog harnesses here.

About the Author: Lara Shannon is co-Host of Pooches at Play and has completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation. Lara also runs her own dog walking, dog minding and dog training business in Melbourne’s Bayside area.