Pooches at Play – Series 3 | Episode 7


In this episode, Pooches at Play Creator and Co-host Lara Shannon travels to the beautiful waters of Tasmania to check out the Huon Aquaculture salmon farm who supply the salmon that goes into the Big Dog Pet Foods. She learns about their sustainability focus and why Salmon is such a superfood for us and our pets.

Host Gyton Grantley gets up close and personal with another common household pet, the rabbit, to learn more about how to care for them and keep them safe from predators. Have you ever seen a rabbit do a ‘binky’ and wondered what it means?  No, well you’ll find out in this interview as well as many other handy tips.   Gyton also meets the stunning Fersace FF Arabian Stallion from Future Farms Arabians to get some Summer horse care tips too.

Lara finds out about the great work of Pets Of The Homeless Australia, a not for profit organisation in Melbourne that provides food, veterinary care and other support to pet owners in need.

Lara discusses why dogs bark and provides some very useful tips on how to manage it, whilst our featured pet-friendly place to stay for this episode is Byron Holiday Park.

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