Series 3 – Episode 6

In this episode, Host and Dog Trainer Lara Shannon shares her top tips on how to successfully introduce a new dog or cat into your home and keep them both safe and happy.

Gyton Grantley gets some tips for renting with pets, as many rental laws around the country still enforce a ‘no pets’ policy, and finds out what you can do to help have your pet accepted by a landlord.

Dr Mel shares her insights into the obesity epidemic in our pet dogs and cats and explains how many owners are unaware that their dog is at an unhealthy weight range, and talks through the impact this can have on their overall health.

Gyton catches up with Dion Collard from PETstock, to talk about their charity foundation PETstock Assist and how it raises money to help support animal rescue groups to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome pets.

We also meet our Smart Pet for the week, Soup the Rosella who performs some very cool tricks, and in our pet-friendly travel segment we take a look at Noosa Cottages in Queensland and Discovery Parks Forster in NSW.

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