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Season 3 - Full Episodes

Pooches at Play – Series 3 | Episode 1

In Episode 1 of Series 3, Host Gyton Grantley meets ‘Joe’ the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and his owner who rescued him, Kim Sowcroft.  After losing his previous ‘mum’ and living with her son, Joe went into a state of despair and needed to be re-homed due to his outbursts and inability to settle into his new life. A passionate bird owner and foster carer, Kim was the only person that Joe seemed to warm to, and as they say, the rest is history.   Kim has some really useful advice for anyone considering getting a pet bird, particularly a cockatoo and other bird species that can live up to 80 years of age.

Pooches at Play – Series 3 | Episode 2

In this episode, we introduce our cheeky co-host ‘Hif’ talks with Dr Mel to explain why vet bills always seem so expensive. Host Gyton Grantly finds out why fish are such popular pets; how to choose the right fish and tank for your household. Co-host and Dog Trainer, Lara Shannon gets some raw food diet tips for puppies and provides some advice to how to handle separation anxiety and we check out pet-friendly places to stay with your dog including Hillview Farm Stay, NSW, and The Big 4 caravan parks.

Pooches at Play – Series 3 | Episode 3

In this week’s episode you’ll meet the beautiful Henri the Sheepdog and find out about the signs and symptoms of hip dysplasia.  Dr Mel talks with Surgeon, Dr Charles Kuntz, to learn about the surgery that help dogs with Hip Displaysia live full and happy active lives again.

Co-host Lara Shannon and Trish Harris from Four Paws K9 Training demonstrate how to stop puppies and older dogs pulling on the lead. Gyton Grantley looks at the growing trend in suburban homes of backyard chickens and how to care for them properly.  Gyton gets quite clucky as he finds out more about why they make such great pets!

Pooches at Play – Series 3 | Episode 4

In this episode we talk with PETstock’s bird expert, Belle Stubbs, to find out about the benefits of wild bird feeding and what you need to know to ensure you are helping, rather than hindering, their survival. Dr Melissa Meehan meets up with Jedi the English Staffy and his owner Sheridan to explain about the ‘Cherry Eye’ condition that affects many staffies and other breeds, the signs and symptoms, and how it is treated.

Pooches at Play – Series 3 | Episode 5

In this episode, Pooches at Play Host Gyton Grantley goes to PETstock to find out which kitty litter is right for your cat and Co-host and trainer Lara Shannon talks us through some tips on how to keep your cat happy whilst you’re out at work all day. Lara also talks to Trish from FourPaws K9 Training about why she chooses to feed Gabe, her 12-year-old Kelpie a raw food diet.   Dr Mel talks about the dangers that sticks can pose to dogs, including causing severe damage to a dog’s mouth by getting stuck across the hard palate, as well as the risk of splinters embedding in the soft tissue of the mouth or throat.

Pooches at Play – Series 3 | Episode 6

In this episode, Host and Dog Trainer Lara Shannon shares her top tips on how to successfully introduce a new dog or cat into your home and keep them both safe and happy. Host Gyton Grantley gets some tips for renting with pets, as many rental laws around the country still enforce a ‘no pets’ policy, and finds out what you can do to help have your pet accepted by a landlord.

Pooches at Play – Series 3 | Episode 7

In this episode, Pooches at Play Creator and Co-host Lara Shannon travels to the beautiful waters of Tasmania to check out the Huon Aquaculture salmon farm who supply the salmon that goes into the Big Dog Pet Foods. She learns about their sustainability focus and why Salmon is such a superfood for us and our pets. Host Gyton Grantley gets up close and personal with another common household pet, the rabbit, to learn more about how to care for them and keep them safe from predators. Have you ever seen a rabbit do a ‘binky’ and wondered what it means?  No, well you’ll find out in this interview as well as many other handy tips.   Gyton also meets the stunning Fersace FF Arabian Stallion from Future Farms Arabians to get some Summer horse care tips too.

Pooches at Play – Series 3 | Episode 8

In this episode, Co-host Lara Shannon talks to Emily Myatt, a PETstock Master Groomer, to find out why you should keep your dog (double coat or not!) well groomed and cool during Summer. Lara also teaches you how to confidently let your dog off leash at the dog park by following a few simple recall training tips. She also discusses why dogs mount other dogs and what you should do to help stop this behaviour. Dr Mel discusses the dangers of snake bites, how you can help protect your dog from being at risk, and what to do if you suspect your dog has been bitten by a snake.