Series 3 – Episode 5

In this episode, Host Gyton goes to PETstock to find out which kitty litter is right for your cat and Co-host and trainer Lara Shannon talks us through some tips on how to keep your cat happy whilst you’re out at work all day.

Lara also talks to Trish from FourPaws K9 Training about why she chooses to feed Gabe, her 12-year-old Kelpie a raw food diet. Dr Mel talks about the dangers that sticks can pose to dogs, including causing severe damage to a dog’s mouth by getting stuck across the hard palate, as well as the risk of splinters embedding in the soft tissue of the mouth or throat.

Finally, Lara runs us through basic car safety and travel tips with dogs which, if you’ve ever travelled with your pooch, you know can sometimes be rather challenging. Our pet-friendly travel destination in this episode includes Henty Bay Beachfront Holiday Park in Victoria.

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