Series 3 – Episode 8

In this episode, Co-host Lara Shannon talks to Emily Myatt, a PETstock Master Groomer, to find out why you should keep your dog (double coat or not!) well groomed and cool during Summer. Lara also teaches you how to confidently let your dog off leash at the dog park by following a few simple recall training tips. She also discusses why dogs mount other dogs and what you should do to help stop this behaviour.

Dr Mel discusses the dangers of snake bites, how you can help protect your dog from being at risk, and what to do if you suspect your dog has been bitten by a snake.

Lara learns more about a great sustainable kitty litter from Rufus & Coco and we meet a feline furry friend in our Smart Pets segment, Marty McFly.

Finally, we check out a great pet-friendly place to stay with your dog at Edithburgh Caravan Park.

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