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Series 5 – Episode 6

In this episode, discover the pet friendly things to do with your dog in Lilydale, Victoria. Learn more about the Dachshund breed in our dog breed profile weekly segment.

Pet behaviourist and expert dog trainer, Lara Shannon, provides her expert tips on camping with dogs, as well as the importance of independence training for dogs. Lara also visits the iconic Melbourne Zoo to learn more about saving the gorgeous Mountain Pygmy Possum, as well as how you can do your bit to help.

Presenter Morgan talks with Naturopath and pet food nutritionist, Narelle Cooke, about the problem of hidden sugars in your dog’s diet, as well as important pet health advice about the threat of Leptospirosis to dogs in urban areas. Dr Melissa Meehan gives her expert tips on giving a dog a tablet, plus other dog health and product advice.

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