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Season 2 - Full Episodes

Pooches at Play – Series 2 – Episode 1

Dr Melissa Meehan talks us through the top reasons for dogs to visit the vet. We meet Boost Juice Founder Janine Allis and her two gorgeous Dobermans and Boston Terrier puppy. Lara walks us through the training and other tips to help a blind dog. Chris Essex talks us through the benefits of clean eating and superfoods for our dogs. We check out some great pet friendly travel ideas with and there’s even a Pawsome Prize Pack worth $3000 up for grabs!

Pooches at Play – Series 2 – Episode 2

Resident Vet, Dr Melissa Meehan introduces viewers to her new baby, Luca, and provides some great tips and information about how to introduce your new baby to dogs to keep everyone safe and happy. We find out about the benefits of taking your dog herding, for working dog breeds, and we reveal the DNA test results for Darcy and talk about how knowing about your dog’s genetics can help with addressing any dog behaviour issues and also creating a tailored health plan. We meet Ita Buttrose, and her Groodle Cleo, talk diet and nutrition and bring you some great pet-friendly places to go and stay.

Pooches at Play – Series 2 – Episode 3

Gyton and Lara explore all the useful information and advice that dog owners need to create a happy, healthy pooch. We meet the delightful and always funny Julia Morris and her gorgeous Portuguese Water Dog Tootsie, and social media sensations Maluka & Avalon as we talk about IVDD that affects many dachshunds. We find out why puppy school is so important to help set your pooch up for life and find some great pet friendly places to go and stay. We also provide some tips for how to improve your dog’s recall to help keep them under control and the dog park.

Pooches at Play – Series 2 – Episode 4

We meet Vet Nurse Bella and her dog Roo who is saving lives by being a canine blood donor. Lara takes us through some common puppy behaviour issues and provides tips to help keep your puppy from chewing, biting, digging and other problem behaviours, whilst Gyton finds out how to give your puppy the right start in life through diet, catching up with Mick from PETstock to find out about the Glow dog food range for puppies. We check out the latest furry fashion in collars and leads and some great pet-friendly places to go and stay with

Pooches at Play – Series 2 – Episode 5

Lara finds out how to make raw food for your dog and all of the nutrients to be included for optimum health and meets two Jack Russell’s and their owner in need of help to stop them fighting. We hear about pet-friendly places to stay, whilst Gyton catches up with Rhonda Burchmore and her gorgeous poodle, Zorro.

Pooches at Play Series 2 – Full Episode 6

The Pooches at Play team explore the life of dogs and how to help keep them healthy and happy. Lara finds out about the benefits of doing agility with your dog and Gyton learns about the sustainability practises behind Glow dog food, as well as the benefits of probiotics for dogs. Dr Melissa Meehan talks us through the signs and symptoms of Bladder & UTIs in dogs and how to treat them and we meet Australian media personality, Richard Stubbs and his two dogs, Yuki the Samoyed X and Zala the Keeshond plus more.

Pooches at Play – Series 2 – Episode 7

Lara finds out how training a deaf dog is no different to training a hearing dog, whilst Gyton meets up with entertainer Tim Campbell and his rescue dog Oscar. We find out how National Dog Day is helping find pets their forever homes and check out the pet-friendly places to stay in NSW including Reflections at Jimmy Beach and Hanks of Mollymook. Lara discusses the importance of ensuring your dog receives the mental and physical stimulation they need each day to help keep them happy and healthy and to help keep problem behaviour at bay.

Pooches at Play – Series 2 – Episode 8

We find out at what age dogs are considered ‘mature’ and how their diets need to change to ensure they are getting all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to help them keep fit. Dr Melissa talks about taking care of our dog’s teeth on a daily basis and a regular clean and scale for good gum health. We meet Tikka the staffy to work on his reactivity to other dogs with some helpful tips.