Series 8 – Episode 7

Join Australian dog trainer and dog behaviourist, Lara Shannon, and Veterinarian, Dr Melissa Meehan, as they share their top dog training tips, dog health and dog grooming advice in this episode of Pooches at Play Season 8.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Trigger stacking in dog – what it means and how to reduce it
  • What do wolves eat? Lara visits the Wolf Connection in California.
  • How to brush your dog’s teeth
  • Why alpha dog training is NOT the way to train your dog
  • The benefits of Golp yoghurt, bone broth and pumpkin puree
  • The role of parasites in the environment

Plus, Lara visits local charity Hope for our Children in Toowoomba Queensland to learn more about their therapy dog program helping children in need.

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