Series 8 – Episode 6

In this episode of Pooches at Play, join Australian dog trainer and dog behaviourist, Lara Shannon, and Veterinarian, Dr Melissa Meehan, as they share their top dog training tips, dog health and dog grooming advice to help with everything you need to know to keep your puppy and older dog happy and healthy.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • The benefits of fasting your dog
  • Controlling inflammation and disease in pets through better gut health.
  • The Veterinarian mental health crisis
  • Choosing the right dog poo bag to reduce plastic bag waste in landfill
  • The challenges facing dogs and their owners living in remote and rural indigenous communities
  • Springtime dog grooming tips
  • Managing multiple dog households when dogs don’t get along
  • Behind the scenes of the Australian Firefighters Calendar

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