Series 4 – Episode 6

In Episode 6 of Series 4, we’ve made our way to Sydney and Newcastle to check out some of the pet-friendly attractions and hotels! Whether you’re caravanning or taking a city hotel break with your pooch, we’ve got you covered! We provide some training tips for owning a Husky (which are useful for any breed!), look at how to help cats and dogs with anxiety stay calm, and touch on plenty of other health and nutrition tips too!

We have a very special story featured in this episode, profiling the work of Dog Rescue Newcastle with Petstock’s help, this group of volunteers are dedicated to the rescue of abandoned, neglected or abused companion animals. Their story is very touching and yet another reminder about why we should adopt and not shop.

Tassie, Jax and Ralf, 3 of the most beautiful Dalmatians we ever did see, take us on a lovely, iconic stroll of beautiful Sydney while Dynamite Darcy lived it up and truly made himself at home when we visited The Hughenden Boutique Hotel to learn more about this incredible pet-friendly hotel. ????

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