Series 3 – Episode 4

In this episode we talk with PETstock’s bird expert, Belle Stubbs, to find out about the benefits of wild bird feeding and what you need to know to ensure you are helping, rather than hindering, their survival.

Dr Melissa Meehan meets up with Jedi the English Staffy and his owner Sheridan to explain about the ‘Cherry eye’ condition that affects many staffies and other breeds, the signs and symptoms, and how it is treated.

Lara meets up with Riley the Border Collie and her owners to help identify why she is taking such great pleasure in digging up their backyard and provides some tips on how to stop it. We also meet Hana the Toy Poodle in our Smart Pets segment and she and her feline housemates show us a very impressive line up of tricks!

We also discuss the benefits of hiring a dog walker and Lara chats with Chris from Big Dog Pet Foods about how to understand pet food feeding guides. Finally, we check out a wonderful pet-friendly place to stay with your dog in Limestone Coast Tourist Park.

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