Grooming a dog in Winter

grooming a dog in winter

While a long coat can help keep dogs warm in the cold, it’s important to keep on top of grooming a dog in Winter for their health and comfort.

Top Tips for Grooming a Dog in Winter

Regular brushing

Brushing your dog regularly is always important, and even more so when their hair is left a bit longer.

It not only removes loose hair and dirt, which accumulates quickly during winter, but it helps to prevent matting, which is not only painful for dogs, but can lead to skin irritations and infections.

Some good brushes to use to help keep knots and matts at bay in longer coats include the DGG detangling brush and comb, slicker brush and serrated de-matting tool –  which is especially good for dogs with double coats.  Check out the DGG brush range at Petstock HERE.

Wet fur becomes matted easily, so regular brushing will help with this, and always dry them when they get wet to avoid chills.

Treat dry paws and skin

Dog’s skin and paws can also become dry and cracked in the winter, so grooming a dog in Winter includes looking after these sensitive areas.  Apply a paw balm to help hydrate them and use a natural, moisturising shampoo that is pH balanced for dogs if you need to give them a bath.

Wipe instead of wash

The DGG Bamboo wipes are great for wiping away dirt and debris in between washes and to use on those muddy paws after a walk.

Keep Ears Dry

Make sure you regularly check and dry your dog’s ears to avoid ear infections. Don’t wet inside the ear, as wet ears can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Only use a Vet prescribed ear cleaner.

Keep your dog’s nails trim

Regularly cutting your dog’s nails is an important part of grooming.  Check out our tips for cutting your dogs nails HERE.  Ask your groomer or vet to show you how to use nail clippers if you’re a bit nervous.

Keep up professional grooms

Grooming a dog in Winter includes keeping up with their regular professional grooms to help avoid their grooming routine becoming unmanageable.

And remember to keep dogs with shorter hair, older dogs and those with low body fat warm, with a jumper or coat from the DGG apparel range. Check out my tips on how to secect the right coat for your dog HERE.

In addition to grooming a dog in Winter, we need to keep them warm and safe as well as the weather changes. Check out more of my tips to help your dog safe in Winter, HERE.

To help you with grooming your dog in Winter check out the DGG range at your local pet specialty store, including PETstock, or on the DGG website.

About the Author: Lara Shannon is a certified dog behaviourist and trainer, pet food nutrition specialist, Executive Producer and Host of Pooches at Play on Channel 10 and editor of Poochesatplay.com. Lara also runs her own dog training business in Melbourne’s Bayside area and is the Author of World of Dogs and Eat, Play, Love Your Dog

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