Fixing your dog’s skin irritations with food

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Fixing your dog’s skin irritaions with food is possible if done correctly as discussed in our video with Phivo from Augustine Approved.

Dogs can suffer from a variety of skin conditions, causing pain, itching and inflammation and depending on a few factors (including genetic factors) you may find they are prone to skin conditions. For example, Bulldogs or Pugs can suffer irritation from bacteria and yeast becoming ‘stuck’ in their folds of skin quite easily. It’s best to think of a dog’s skin as an important filter between their environment and their body and we must look after it from the outside as well as from the inside out.

While dogs can react to just about anything,  Augustine Approved takes every precaution to ensure that all ingredients pose the least problems possible. Their vegan product ranges are the healthy and natural alternative to “prescription diets” for dogs suffering from meat protein issues.

Phivo’s recommendation is to prepare fresh meals at home, he does appreciate that this is not always possible so hence the need for fresh, ready-made food products… Augustine’s SuperFood is available.

You can shop Augustine Approved here.

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