Considering a raw food diet for your dog?

raw food diet

Considering a raw food diet for your dog can be intimidating.

It it is hard to know what food is going to give your dog the proper nutrition it needs, a food that will stimulate your dog’s immune system, stop inflammation, slow your pets ageing, and more.

We love them, they are part of the family, and we want them around as long as possible. So this decision is possibly one of the most important ones you can make for your dog.

Nature gets it right every time

I’m a pretty big advocate that nature always gets things right and we should look to nature to see what carnivorous animals (dogs and cats) consume to survive in the wild?

The reality is that the physiology and genetic make-up of the domestic dog and cat is less then 1% different to their carnivorous cousins hunting and scavenging for food in the wild.

If you take this into account, then you quickly realise that their requirements for proper nutrition is as nature has shown for thousands of years – a raw diet, extremely high in meat, that also contains fat, bones, offal and some vegetable matter that is either raw or pre-digested.

Benefits of a raw food diet

Your dog will not only survive but will thrive on a raw food diet that has been properly formulated to compliment the essential nutrients our pets need.

An easily digestible food that compliments the short digestive tract of carnivores to make for easy assimilation and in-turn make available the necessary nutrients, including the macronutrients and micronutrients required.

What you’ll find in a raw food diet

A high meat diet obviously provides the number one source carnivores need, which is protein. Protein is essential for proper functioning, growth, repair and maintenance to the carnivore.

The other ingredients that are consumed in the wild include offal – liver, kidney, heart and spleen. These offals are extremely rich in necessary vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and are normally the very first ingredient consumed after a kill.

Bone is next for inclusion after offals and meat have been consumed. Bone is essential also, as this provides a rich source of calcium, essential for bone development, but Calcium is also essential for other important reactions and synergies that occur in the body. Bone also provides a wonderful level of essential fatty acids, including omega 3’s.

Finally, the stomach of the animal they have caught can be consumed, and here they nourish their bodies with some predigested vegetable matter, and a nice inclusion of probiotics that will also assist with digestion, and helping to keep their internal flora healthy.

So, as you can see, with the inclusion of these ingredients mentioned above, a nutritionally blended raw food diet like Big Dog for your dog will provide a wonderful balance of proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and probiotics. All this nutrition is also available in an unadulterated format (no cooking, blanching or processing), and therefore easily digested.

Nature always gets it right, and for thousands of years nature has shown us through evolution of our pets, that a raw food diet principally based on meat, is what is required for our pets to ensure a long and healthy life.

It is also great for treating food allergies in dogs. Read more about this topic this here.

A food science graduate, Chris Essex founded in 2000 after many years working in the smallgoods industry, before he recognised a gap in the market to create pet food for dogs made up of bones and raw food that was full of nutritional ingredients.  Visit www.bigdogpetfoods.com

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