The importance of keeping your pets’ teeth clean

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Keeping your pets’ teeth clean is vital, yet around 80% of dogs and cats in Australia over the age of 3 have some degree of dental disease.

Often if our dogs or cats have ongoing bad breath it can indicate some degree of gum disease, known as periodontitis.  Depending on the level of the dental disease there are often other symptoms as well, so it is important to keep your pets’ teeth clean with daily at home care and regular vet maintenance.

Dental disease in dogs and cats is graded using a system that takes into account amount of plaque, tartar, inflammation and periodontal disease which is an irreversible destructive process involving the loss of the tooth’s supporting structures.

Grade 1 is when there is plaque build-up, inflamed gums, but no bone loss or periodontal disease.

Grade 2 is when you can see the plaque and calculus extending down, pocket forming, mild gingival recession and bone loss.

Grade 3 is a greater degree of those symptoms mentioned above and more significant bone loss and possible ulceration of gingiva.

Grade 4 is all of the above in severe form and the bone loss leading to loose teeth.

Dental disease and periodontitis if left untreated can lead to heart, liver and kidney disease as well as jaw fractures so, as the old saying goes, “prevention is much better than cure”.

How can a PETstock Vet help?

You can make an appointment with your local PETstock Vet clinic for a free dental check up or your dog or cat.  Your vet will then work with you to form a treatment plan and provide a quote for any treatment that may be required.

When you have this free dental check up, if your pet’s teeth are deemed healthy or they have Grade 1 dental disease, then you can immediately book in to take up the special offer of an expert dental clean for just $199 (save up to $400).

If their gum disease is in the later stages (ie: Grades 2-4) your PETstock Vet will then work with you to form a treatment plan and provide a quote for any treatment that may be required.

Following this initial treatment plan, you can then you can take up the offer to pre-book for a follow up dental clean in 6-12 month’s time for just $199.

Why is anaesthetic needed?

 Often people ask why anaesthetic is needed and the simple answer is that unlike us humans that can tell a dentist if something is hurting, our pets can’t so anaesthesia allows a Vet to thoroughly check their mouth and teeth so no problems are missed.

The risks of using anaesthesia on dogs are very small and your vet will perform a full examination and possible blood tests before they even consider recommending one.

What can you do at home?

 Daily brushing with pet toothbrush or soft children’s toothbrush is a must to keep pet’s teeth clean! Make sure you use pet toothpaste only.

Give your dogaAppropriate sized raw meaty bones, dental chews such as Greenies or Whimzees, and teeth cleaning toys such as the Kong Teething Stick can also complement the daily teeth cleaning.

Dental dry food such as Hill’s Science Diet Oral Care and Advance Dental is designed to provide a complete diet whilst cleaning teeth and reducing plaque build up and Vet specific water additives can also help.

To take up this special offer with PETstock Vets call 13 PETS or visit their website to find your local clinic.

*T&Cs apply. Not applicable at PETstock Animal Health Centres. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Offer subject to a full health assessment by a veterinarian. Dogs and cats only. Subject to appointment availability.


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