Pet burial and farewell ceremonies – making an unbearable loss a little easier

pet burial

It is estimated that there are around 25 million pets in Australia, and it’s no wonder since they bring us so much joy. Sadly though, with this joy also comes pain, as their lifespan is often much shorter than our own.

So how do we farewell our loving companions deserving of all the unconditional love they have given to us over their life? The answer is with a Sweet Goodbye pet burial.

Founder Natalie Venosi has combined her unconditional love of dogs and experience of losing her furry best friends with a philanthropic passion for helping the disadvantaged and vulnerable.  Her new enterprise ‘Sweet Goodbye’ has found a way to make pet burials a lot less distressing for everyone involved, particularly children. By allowing a child to be involved in saying goodbye to their special friend in a loving and positive way can help them cope with their sudden loss.

What is Sweet Goodbye?

Until recently, a pet burial has involved using boxes, plastic bags and old towels for the burial or for transporting pets to a crematorium, but pet owners and veterinarian staff, alike have been seeking a better way to do this and this is how Sweet Goodbye Kits came along.

Sweet Goodbye Kits were made to improve the healing process and help reduce the feeling of helplessness that overcomes us when our pets pass. The Kits offer components for providing an appropriate and aesthetically pleasing final resting place for a deceased pet, comprising a secure receptacle beautifully handmade from natural, flammable and biodegradable materials specifically designed for cremation and pet burials.

The Inspiration

Sweet Goodbye pet burials have drawn their inspiration from Balinese and other traditional practices and beliefs around the passing of loved ones. This includes ritual, symbolism and ceremony to help provide focus during the painful onset of grief through an act of giving, and comfort through understanding that you are helping facilitate the soul’s journey.

Sweet Goodbye understands that pets and pet owners are individual so they have developed one of a kind products in a range of colours and sizes to suit most household pets, from mice and guinea pigs, to rabbits and reptiles to cats and extra-large dogs.

Why use a Sweet Goodbye pet burial kit?

  • Ease Emotional stress
    The Sweet Goodbye kits are beautifully designed with uplifting colours, combined with ceremonial elements and consolatory processes to assist with the transition and closure. They can be particularly beneficial in helping pet owners prepare for and cope with euthanasia
  • Multi-purpose
    When used as part of a pet’s bedding they can gather familiar scents that will help provide comfort if there is a need to visit the vets for an end of life procedure. Small clouds are ideal for storing ashes as a soothing cuddle pouch post cremation.
  • Australian Innovation
    Eco-friendly, portable and adjustable construction to manage all pet sizes. They are fitted with identification label and a reliable fluid management system that absorbs and retains fluids where needed.
  • Eco-Friendly
    Environmentally conscious materials, naturally sourced and highly durable alternative to plastic bags, cadaver bags, synthetic blankets, towels and caskets. Natural materials include handmade, water resistant, pure New Zealand Merino wool, which is both a comforting and ecological fibre.
  • Greater Good
    The Sweet Goodbye Company was built on a vision to help pet owners and caregivers deal with the end of life experience, whilst also supporting animal welfare programs and third-world business development through fundraising and fair trade against poverty policies.
  • Sizing and portability
    The Cocoon’s strong, integrated carrying cradle and fully adjustable design ensures large pets up to 90kilos can be comfortably and securely encased, respectfully lifted, lowered and transported.

What’s included?

Sweet Goodbye offers three unique kinds of Pet Burial and Farewell Kits recommended for burial or cremation of very small furry friends up to very large dogs. These include the:

Cocoon Kit

pet burials

  • Ceremony Guidebook
  • Living Memorial Card
  • Memorial Marker
  • Garland

Cloud Kit

pet burials

  • Ceremony Guidebook
  • Seeded heart
  • Memorial Marker
  • Garland

Balinese inspired Selamat Jalan Manis Kit

pet burials

  • Ceremony Guidebook
  • Regal Wraps
  • Handcrafted ceremonial adornments
  • Memorial umbrella
  • Banner
  • Keepsake album

Sweet Goodbye venture’s ultimate “greater good” goal is to raise funds for animal welfare and a minimum of 5% profits is committed to supporting organisations including Animals Asia and The Orangutan Project.

With such a great goal behind the product, what’s not to love about these Kits?

To find out more or to purchase a Sweet Goodbye Kit visit


About the Author: Peta O’Brien is a member of the Pooches at Play marketing team. Having just graduated in Marketing at RMIT, Peta is loving working in an industry that she’s passionate about! She has two Jack Russells and loves taking them on adventures with her.

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