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Choosing the right dog collar and lead for your pooch

dog collar

Choosing the right dog collar and lead for your pooch may seem simple, but there are a few important things to consider that can help you choose the one for your pooch that is both stylish and practical, or even one that sums up your dog’s (or your own) personality!

Fit of collar

For both training and general day to day wear, a well made and sturdy flat dog collar is the best choice.  These generally have a buckle or clip to fasten and can come in a variety of materials.

Cheap nylon collars with plastic clips may be fine for their general day to day wear, but for walking and training purposes you really should be looking for a well made leather or other strong material with a sturdy metal or brass buckle that won’t break should they pull.

It’s also important to fit your dog’s collar correctly and be mindful to keep a check on the tightness if you let their hair grow in the cooler months.  As a general rule, always select the widest dog collar possible for your pooch.

Buckle it firm, but so you can fit three fingers underneath.  The collar should not pull over the dog’s head if pressure is applied, however it should not be so tight that it restricts breathing or the dog’s comfort.

For sight hounds like greyhounds and whippets, this may be difficult due to the dog’s physical structure (ie: narrow head), so an alternative like the martingale collar may be a more appropriate choice for these types of breeds.  Watch our video from Series 1 to find out more about choosing the right collar or harness for your dog if they pull when walking.

Length of leads

When choosing the size of your lead a few factors can come into play – the strength of your dog, the behaviour of your dog and the location.

If your pooch is a large breed, longer and durable leather or strong rubber leads are suitable, whilst for smaller dogs you want to be choosing a lighter weighted lead.   If you are out walking near roads or other dogs and people, then avoid using really long leads or retractable leads as they can be dangerous and easily get tangled up.

Puppies tend to need shorter leads to allow you to maintain control. However, long leads are useful of course for the training of recall.  Again avoiding the dangerous retractable lead.

Make a furry fashion statement with Gummi collars and leads

Here at Pooches HQ, we LOVE Gummi’s range of pet collars and leads. Gummi Pet Products is a family owned business that is passionate about fashionable pet products that make your furry family members feel comfortable.

Gummi Collars are made from a sturdy non-toxic rubber, which means it’s gentle on your pooches skin and soft on their furry necks. For water loving dogs, most of the range are water proof too.   Here’s a couple of the cute styles we love from their range.

Spike Pink Glow Dog Collar & Lead

The Spike style was first introduced over 10 years ago, and it remains one of their most popular styles still to this very day. The collar is waterproof, so you can wash it with ease. The lead is double sided and the rubber is a double thick lanyard to add extra strength to the lead. It is 120cms long and comes in 2 widths 1) 10mm, 2) 15mm wide and has an extra soft handle to look after the hand that pays.

Bling Blue Collar and Lead

The Bling range is one their best selling styles. The blend of functionality and style makes any dog wearing the Bling collar really stand out from the pack. The collar is waterproof. The Bling Blue lead is 120cms long and comes in 2 widths 1) 10mm, 2) 15mm wide and has an extra soft handle to look after the hand that pays.

Stud Red Dog Collar & Lead

The stud range is for the ‘cool’ pooch! As always the collar is made from a non-toxic rubber and has a lanyard backing for extra comfort, The collar is waterproof and so easy to wash. Like all their leads, it is double sided. The lead is 150cms long and comes in 2 widths 1) 10mm, 2) 15mm wide.

Caring for your dog collar and lead

Regular washing of your dog collar and lead is very important. Between all the dirt they collect at the park, and whatever they roll around in, collars can get especially dirty and laden with bacteria. A dirty collar can be smelly and cause skin irritation problems, whilst cleaning it is also important to help keep fleas at bay.

To wash the dog collar and lead you can use liquid hand soap, body wash, or shampoo.  However, if your dog has sensitive skin you should stick to using it’s regular dog shampoo. Simply use warm water and towel dry.

If you think its time for a more stylish dog collar and lead that is also sturdy and safe, then why not check out Gummi Pet Products!

For more information about other collars and harnesses that might help with a dog that pulls, then check out the video here.

About the Author: Peta O’Brien is a member of the Pooches at Play marketing team. Having just graduated in Marketing at RMIT, Peta is loving working in an industry that she’s passionate about! She has two Jack Russells and loves taking them on adventures with her.

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