Choosing eco-friendly dog poo bags

eco-friendly dog poo bags

Finding eco-friendly dog poo bags can be confusing, but it is important that we do, as plastic bags in landfill is a huge environmental problem.

Most dog owners know by now that we need to pick up our dog’s poop. Not only because there’s nothing worse that tell-tale smell on our shoe, but it can cause pets and people to get sick due to bacteria and parasites, and also end up in our waterways.

Why choosing eco-friendly dog poo bags is important

Whilst we are protecting ourselves and the environment by picking up our dog’s poop, with 6.4 million dogs producing almost 800,000 tonnes of poop a year in Australia alone (that’s 15 Sydney Harbour Bridges by the way), billions of plastic bags end up in landfill every year.

It’s a pretty crappy problem isn’t i?  (And yes, the pun was intended!)

How are eco-friendly dog poo bags different to the rest?

When it comes to eco-friendly dog poo bags, not all are as they seem.   Firstly, you’ll see many brands claim that their bags are biodegradable within months in landfill.

However, to break down efficiently they need air, moisture and sun for the process, which they simply don’t get in landfill.

This is the same for compostable bags if you simply throw them in the rubbish bin.

Since very few councils allow dog poop in home green waste collections, let alone providing composting options in public areas, you’ll need to dispose of them at home in a well-managed and contained compost system – only using it on non-edible plants – and definitely not on fruit or vegetables.

It’s also important to choose a compostable bag made from cornstarch and BPAT, so that no micro bits of plastic are released into the soil after breaking down.

Which eco-friendly dog poop bag should you choose?

When out and about, your best bet is to choose a poo bag made from 100% post-consumer recycled content, as it gives waste another life and reduces carbon emissions by 86% compared to manufacturing with virgin materials.

Beco Bags cater for both options, with home compostable poop bags and 100% recycled plastic ones. Their packaging also uses 100% post-consumer recycled material and can be recycled again.

Beco is also a certified B-Corporation, which acknowledges their social and environmental performance, so when looking for eco-friendly dog poo bags, do check out their range.

The Beco bags come in a range of sizes, scented and unscented options, so look for them at your local PETstock store or online.

About the Author: Lara Shannon is a certified dog behaviourist and trainer, pet food nutrition specialist, Executive Producer and Host of Pooches at Play on Channel 10 and editor of Poochesatplay.com. Lara also runs her own dog training business in Melbourne’s Bayside area and is the Author of World of Dogs and Eat, Play, Love Your Dog

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