Removing dog urine smell

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No matter the age of your dog, when it comes to urine, little accidents can always happen.  Wiping it up is easy, but removing dog urine smells for good certainly is not!

From a puppy still in training, to an excited or anxious adult dog, certain health conditions, or the onset of dementia, there are many reasons why dogs pee and that tell-tale odour of urine is something we have all experienced.

Why is removing dog urine smells so hard?

Urine is one of the toughest odours to remove, and even when we think it is gone, pets have an acute sense of smell, which is why they often return to the same spot.

Humidity can trigger the odour again days, weeks or even months later, which is why we might suddenly smell it again too.

That’s because there is one component to urine that cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner simply can’t remove, and that’s the uric acid, which is rich in nitrogen and ammonia.

To make things worse, many chemical-based cleaners actually contain ammonia, so you’re literally adding some of the smelly substance back onto the pee if you use them!

How Urine off can help with removing dog urine smell for good

When it comes to removing dog urine smells for good, using a product specifically developed to remove dog and cat urine odours and stains, such as Urine Off is important.

It contains bio-enzymes, and non-pathogenic bacteria that work together to break down the uric acid, not just cover it up.

It’s also non-toxic, which is vital when cleaning a home with pets and children.

Urine Off can be used on all surfaces including your carpets and other materials, and they even guarantee it will work, or you’ll get your money back. You can’t get better than that!

Toilet training trouble shooting

If you are struggling with a dog that is constantly peeing, you may need to go back to basic toilet training, address any anxiety that may be causing it, or see your Vet to check for any underlying health conditions.

There’s a number of articles in the training & behaviour section of our website, or videos on our You Tube channel, to help address some of these issues.

You can find Urine Off at your local PETstock store or online so make sure you have some handy for when you might need it.

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