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Stylish pet products for your home

stylish pet products

Finding stylish pet products for your home isn’t always easy, but when you do it can not only transform the living space for the two legged occupants, but can also create a space that your dog and other furry friends will love too.

From earthy neutral palettes to bright and bold patterned prints, design and colour experts have predicted there will be a mix of interior trends this coming Spring season so rather than sticking to predictable pet accessories, our friends at PETstock have created a range of stylish pet products to suit a variety of home interiors.

From funky pet beds cushions, feeding bowls and more, embracing stylish pet products allows pet parents to add some new colour and style to their homes and help create the look and feel you’ve always wanted but may have thought you couldn’t have if you wanted to cater for your pets too.  Now you can do both!

Here’s some of the Spring home styling trends they’re predicting and the stylish pet products that will work a treat too.


Pastel tones

pattern or pastles

(Image Credit: Zerxza)

Bold, striking and even clashing patterns really create a sense of excitement and fun in a home. It’s also an easy way to inject life into spaces and reflect the quirky and varied personalities living inside. Colour can actually have a profound impact on mood and emotion – it’s a powerful transformative design tool.

While you might not want to invest in a radial blue couch, choosing a dog bed with a pop of colour/pattern is an alternative way to bring some of that quirkiness into the home.

PETstock suggests: The Black Diamond Portsea Lounge is the perfect patterned accessory and the vibrant T & S Floor Cushions provide an on-trend décor addition for larger cats and dogs.








Earthy Tones


(Image Credit: Pinterest)

For pet parents that appreciate wholesome earthy tones in their home décor, choosing natural coloured pet products can help achieve that minimalistic look. The shades and materials of the below pet bed would fit the theme perfectly.

Raw finishes and neutral tones actually evoke a sense of calm and restfulness in the home (and who doesn’t want that!)

PETstock suggests: Made from a woven paper rope with a feather teaser attached, the Petpals Cat Scratcher Walk-Up Condo & Perch gives cats a platform to play, scratch and relax while providing a subtle textural effect. For dog owners, the earthy brown colour of the Superior Hessian Dog Bed offset with the biscuit-shade dog bowl gives the natural colour scheme some depth.









Bold and Bright Tones

Bright or bold

(Image Credit:

If you’re a pet parent that shuns the neutral colour schemes and prefers something a little more exciting, there’s always a fluorescent coloured something available in pet products to complement a vibrant home interior.

Buying a new coloured dog bowl is a great cost-effective way to start too.

To inject a sense of fun into your pet’s décor try the Le Woof Feeding bowl, perfect for a French Bulldog with a little bit of attitude and a vibrant Kong Phatz Hippo for a playful Golden Retriever.










(Image Credit: Unknown)

Indoor plants add colour and literally life to any indoor space – creating nurturing and calm backdrops for almost any room setting.

However, many of the most popular species can be toxic to pets. For pet owners looking to brighten up the home and add some greenery this winter, there are many non-toxic houseplants safe for both dogs and cats including Blue Echeveria, Burro’s Tail, Bamboo and Ponytail Palm.

If you suspect that your dog has ingested any harmful greenery, please have your veterinarian attend to them as quickly as possible. Here are some first aid tips on the signs to look for and what to do in an emergency with your pooch.

If you are throwing out any old pet products/accessories don’t put them in the bin if they are still in good knack! Take them down to your local animal welfare community and donate them to dogs in need.


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