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Why PETstock puppy school is so important for your pooch

PETstock puppy school

Getting a new puppy can be both exciting and daunting. Like bringing home a new baby for the first time, it can provide many challenges and a change of lifestyle for the whole family – which is where PETstock puppy school can help.

Ask any new puppy owner and there’s probably been a few sleepless nights, some toileting accidents, chewed up toys, socks (or anything left laying around) and some hair pulling moments (from them and to yourself) when they realise just how big a responsibility getting a new puppy actually is.

That’s why focusing on puppy training and socialisation by joining a puppy school as soon as you bring them home is so important.

Particularly, as the first 18 weeks of a dog’s life is the most important developmental period for dogs as they start exploring and learning about the world around them, as well as learning all about other dogs.

In fact, pretty much everything that your puppy learns and experiences during this time will be permanently retained in their memory and can affect their reactions to, and behaviour with, other dogs, people and the world around them in the long term – either in a good or bad way.

That’s why PETstock puppy preschools are specifically designed for dogs eight to sixteen weeks of age.

If a puppy misses out on the chance to have this genetic ‘opportunity’ to learn about these things at this age, it can lead to a life time of fear and possibly aggression, as they simply don’t understand how to interact with other dogs or people, or they may become fearful of the many everyday situations they may face.

PETstock Puppy School  is based on using a reward-based training method that teaches owners:

• How to communicate with your puppy or dog
• How to develop solid foundation obedience in all environments
• The importance of socialisation, mental and physical stimulation
• Ways to help curb any behavioural problems
• How to find the correct equipment for your dog
• And, the appropriate rewards to use to get the best results

It is also really important to be in a safe and secure place when training your puppy, so PETstock Puppy School’s provide a safe environment that can help you and your dog or puppy to thrive together under the guidance of their educated training team.

It’s important that you are prepared for a new puppy before you bring them home, and to also ensure you puppy proof your place, but it’s as equally important to socialise them as early as possible.

To find out more about the PETstock Puppy School Program visit

About the Author: Lara Shannon is co-Host of Pooches at Play and has completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation. Lara also runs her own dog walking, dog minding and dog training business in Melbourne’s Bayside area.

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