The benefits of becoming a dog trainer – Testimonial

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Pooches at Play Host, Gyton Grantley meets with Sharee Hocking from Companion Canine Training and learns about the benefits of becoming a dog trainer. Sharee shares her journey with her own Assistant Dog and tells Gyton about her career in training other assistant dogs to help more people like herself.

Engaging in a certificate of dog training is not only beneficial for people already working with dogs, or people who are thinking about changing career but it’s even valuable for anyone who owns a dog. These studies can help anyone understand their pet better and help you build a stronger relationship with your pooch.

Pooches at Play’s other Host, Lara Shannon has seen first hand the benefits of becoming a dog trainer. Read about how becoming a dog trainer changed her life here.

“What I found most enlightening [studying dog training] was learning about why and how dogs do what they do, and how often us owners get it wrong and really don’t understand the psychology of dogs at all.” – Lara Shannon

To find out more about studying the Certificate 3 in dog behaviour & training visit Ndtf.net.au

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