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Tips for introducing dogs and babies

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In this segment of Pooches at Play Resident Vet, Dr Melissa Meehan, provides some key tips for introducing dogs and babies to help prepare your dog and family for the arrival of a new baby. Ensuring that your dog is comfortable with the new family addition is one of the most important things you can do and there are many ways to help facilitate this as Dr Mel shows us in this segment.

From bringing home the baby’s blanket for them to smell before the new bub arrives, to slowly letting them sniff the new arrival in a positive and safe atmosphere, and making sure they get plenty of positive reinforcement when baby is around, Dr Mel runs you through them all.

More detailed tips for introducing dogs and babies can be found in our article here.  And to ensure you and your family are protected, don’t forget to think about health and pet insurance for your whole family.

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