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Why you should study dog training

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There are plenty of reasons why one should study dog training. In fact, studying a certificate in dog behaviour and training isn’t just for people that want to go on to become professional dog trainer, it can actually help any owner that wants to understand why dogs do what they do or want to understand their body language better.

In the video above, Pooches at Play Host Lara Shannon catches up with Liz Berhendorff, founder of ‘Hair of the Dog Rescue’ about her journey with dogs and how her studies in dog behaviour helped her understand dogs more. 

In Lara’s case studying dog training was not something that had crossed her mind until she took some time off and started a small dog walking and minding business. Fast forward to today and who would have thought that combining her love of animals, particularly dogs, and storytelling through the media would see her become a dog trainer and in turn create a national TV show and digital platform all about dogs! Read more about Lara’s experience studying dog training here.

So why not study dog training? You never know where it may take you! (We’re almost certain that the path beyond those studies is a rewarding and exciting one though!)

To find out more about studying the Certificate 3 in dog behaviour & training visit

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