Dog friendly activities in Torquay Victoria

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Torquay is a beautiful seaside location with a country charm about it found along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.  The beaches and coastal walks are the main attractions, but there are plenty of dog friendly activities in Torquay to keep you and your dog entertained.

In the first of our two pet friendly travel segments in Series 4 featuring the dog friendly activities in Torquay, Pooches at Play co-host Morgan’s top priority was a coffee and bite to eat at The Salty Dog Cafe which is a very popular cafe for local dog owners, often with more dogs than people hanging around.

The location is right on the edge of the sand, and outside of daylight savings the beach out front is an off-leash area from 7pm until 9am, so it’s the ideal place to start or finish your morning walk. There’s also plenty of space to sit, water bowls and treats available too, so while you’re having a bite to eat, so can your furry friend.

If the sand and sea aren’t your thing, then don’t worry, because there’s plenty more to see and do in the area. Including great cafes and restaurants, a surfing museum and regional wineries just a short drive away, as well as fantastic coastal walks.

If you are heading to Victoria for a caravan or camping holiday with your pet then make sure you check out the dog friendly activities in Torquay that are featured in this video. you can also get plenty of tips and advice from Caravan Industry Victoria on their website.

You can also download our FREE pet friendly travel guide HERE.   For water safety tips to keep your dog safe when holidaying near the water, click here.

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