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Meet Hana the Toy Poodle

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Meet Hana the Toy Poodle who has some super skills in doing the HI-5! Hana was one of our Series 3 Smart Pets and she was a natural in front of the camera as you can see in the video above.

A little about the breed

  • Poodles are one of the lightest-shedding, most hypoallergenic of all coated breeds so if you have allergies, a Poodle is the safest breed for you.
  • Toy Poodles are actually like miniature athletes. They’re wonderful at obedience competitions and in agility competitions.
  • Toy Poodle temperaments are usually intelligent, energetic, and outgoing.
  • In the USA, the UK and Australia, the debonair Poodle comes in three sizes: Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles and Toy Poodles.
  • Poodles need regular grooming, their coats don’t necessarily shed, but they do keep growing throughout the dog’s lifetime.
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