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How dog diets can contribute to their behaviour – Testimonial

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Dog diets can contribute to their behaviour in more ways than you may have thought.

It’s handy to think of them as similar to humans – I’m sure we can all relate to moments where we haven’t eaten the right foods and it’s affected our body and mind. Dogs can react just the same if they’re missing out on important nutrients and we can notice this through their behaviour.

Lara Shannon catches up with Trish Harris from 4Paws K9 Training to learn how she’s seen first-hand diets affect dog’s behaviour.

Trish switched one of her dogs over to a raw food diet after a cancer tumour removal. This decision was quite obvious to Trish as it was a sure way to ensure her dog was getting the right nutrients to lead a healthy and strong life post-surgery.

How dog diets can contribute to their behaviour

  • They may put on weight causing them to feel sluggish and inactive
  • They may start to feel irritable
  • They may start to experience energy spikes or dips

A raw food diet is a great way to contribute to your dog’s behaviour in a positive way. The nutritional content of this diet promotes health and vitality, it keeps weight stable, it’s great at maintaining healthy gums and reducing bad breath, it contributes to a shiny coat, it can boost their immune system and it can • improve digestion.

Importantly also, feeding your dog such a beneficial diet can reduce the number of visits to the vet (which I think we’d all like!)

Read more about Big Dog Pet Food raw diets here.

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