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Keeping your dogs safe this Halloween


Halloween is a growing celebration in Australia, mostly it’s children celebrating the event trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods, but even adults and our pooches are jumping on board!

It’s estimated that 15 percent of Americans will buy costumes for their pets and we very much doubt Australia is far behind that figure. During this holiday however it is important to remember how to dress your dog comfortably and how to keep them safe/calm during these potentially noisy celebrations.

Halloween & Pooches tips:

  1. If possible, bring your dog inside where it is safe. Screaming/loud children trick-or-treating can scare dogs during Halloween so they might feel calmer indoors. Particularly if they are anxious.
  2. Check your dog’s ID tag – sometimes dogs have a tendency to run away when they’re faced with excessive noise or unusual situations so it’s best to check it’s collar.
  3.  Keep lollies away from your dog – many lollies, especially chocolates are toxic to dogs so keep treats in high places.
  4. If you’re dressing your pooch remember that dogs don’t like to have their ears restricted and that some costumes can cause anxiety. Read more about dog costumes here.
  5. If your pooch has a tendency to bark at visitors too it may be worthwhile keeping them away from the door where children will be trick-or-treating. Here are some tips on how to control barking too.
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