Nutraceuticals for dogs and cats

nutraceutials for dogs

Nutraceuticals for dogs and cats, are supplements that provide some health benefits beyond basic nutrition, and can be beneficial for our pets. However, it’s important to know when and when not to use them.

Veterinarian Dr Melissa Meehan shares some of her top tips when it comes to giving nutraceuticals to pets.

When they can help

Nutraceuticals for dogs and cats can help when your pet has a condition that could benefit from adjunctive treatment with natural therapies, such as arthritis or skin allergies, supplements that are rich in omega 3’s, or other anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to reduce inflammation and support skin and joint health can provide added benefit.

Also, if your pet is undergoing treatment for a medical condition and would requires further supportive care, such as liver or kidney disease.

While a probiotic or supplement that supports good gut health can really help dogs with digestive upsets caused by stress and anxiety, poor nutrition, inflammation and other factors.

When nutraceuticals for dogs and cats may not be appropriate

There are times when nutraceuticals may not be appropriate, such as when your pet has a medical condition that requires immediate medical attention.  Nutraceuticals should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care in emergency situations.

They should also definitely not be used as a substitute for treatment of serious illnesses, or when your pet is already taking medications that may interact with the supplement.

Always consult with a veterinarian before administering any supplements to your pet.


What to consider when choosing a nutraceutical or other supplement

When choosing a nutraceutical for dogs or cats, choose high-quality supplements from reputable brands to ensure that they are safe and effective.

Follow the recommended dosage on the product label and adjust according to your pet’s weight and condition.

Cost per day is also a good way to compare the price for a smart purchase.

Consider the formulation of the supplement. Some supplements may be better absorbed or more palatable in a certain form, such as a liquid or powder that can be mixed into food.

Nutraceuticals may need to be given over a longer period of time to see results, so be patient and consistent with administration.

And always, consult with a veterinarian before adding any supplements to your pet’s diet or medication regimen.

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