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Pooches at Play - Series 3 | Episode 3

In this week’s episode, you'll meet the beautiful Henri the Sheepdog and find out about the signs and symptoms of hip dysplasia. Dr Mel talks with Surgeon, Dr Charles Kuntz, to learn about the surgery that help dogs with Hip Displaysia live full and happy active lives again.

Co-host Lara Shannon and Trish Harris from Four Paws K9 Training demonstrate how to stop puppies and older dogs pulling on the lead. Gyton Grantley looks at the growing trend in suburban homes of backyard chickens and how to care for them properly. Gyton gets quite clucky as he finds out more about why they make such great pets!

We also discuss Healthy Skin Packs with Augustine Approved and raw feeding diets with Big Dog Pet Foods. Finally, we check out pet-friendly places to stay with your dog including Dalwood Estate in NSW, Hungerford Hill in NSW and The Berry Estate, Margaret River in WA

Season 3 - Episode 3 Segments